How do I register my product?

To register your products as hair straightener, straightening brush and hair dryers and be eligible for a warranty replacement click here.


How do I exchange my defective product?

To exchange any product damaged beyond your control you must first register your product by clicking here and then follow the exchange option process here www.infinitygoldpro.com/warranty


Can I get a refund?

In most cases no. All sales are final. However, If you have ordered a product online as hair straightener, straightening brush and hair dryers and wish to have it refunded you can by logging in and making a request or contacting us in the office and we shall take care of this for you.



If having trouble ordering a product please call our Customer Service Dept. and we will assit your needs. 813-443-0508 ext. 301


Payment, Pricing & Promotions

All Sales are Final. You may request a cancellation from your InfinityGold Account prior to product ships. (Once order is shipped, the sale is final) You may also call our Corp. Office for any questions or concerns 813-443-0508


Viewing Orders

To view orders, use your InfinityGold Account for orders progress.


Updating Account Information

Use your InfinityGold Account for updates or call our Customer Service directly for assistants. 813-443-0508 ext.301